So Overwatch is having a free weekend

And I’ve gotten 3 of my friends so far to install it, 1 of which has played it already (his favorite so far is McCree) 😀

I may stream tonight (11/18/2016) with them if they’re up for it. Anyone wanting to watch a bunch of noobs and a kind-of-okay-but-still-bad playing have fun in the Overbutts, come on down to my Twitch page and follow to be notified when the shenanigans begin 🙂


For those that don’t know, I’m the co-host and editor of a casual gaming news podcast, where my friend, Schro, and I talk about gaming news, pop culture stuff, and general stuff that goes on in our lives. I’m currently editing the latest episode now, and baJEEZUS shit fuck Schro talks a lot more than I do o-o

I need to step up my game. It’s not like I’m on camera alone doing that for 10-30 minutes at a time or something >.>