Aaaaaand I Feel Bad Now ._.

So I just cleaned out my private messages on YouTube, specifically the spam folder. And it turns out that some indie developers requested I play their games!

A year ago ._.

I feel kinda bad about this…but if it makes it into my spam folder, I don’t get notified it even exists.

I check my email, my Twitter, my Facebook…hell, even my Tumblr…frequently every day (spam folder, too!). It’s up on my About page on YouTube, and I’m going to put it up on my About page on this blog after this post is published.

I doubt any indie game developers are following me here. But if they ARE, and they want me to take a look at their games, the best way to get a hold of me is through here:

It’s also for fan/hate mail, questions, and/or back-end business stuff. Like YouTube networks, or sponsorships that I wish would happen to me (I LOVE YOU, RAZER! AND BLUE MICROPHONES! AND ALIENWARE! AND ARBY’S!).

I would include let’s play collaboration requests too, but those tend to be super awkward unless I know the person ._. I never know how far I can go with new people, or if I should just do my usual “be loud and weird” thing.

Well, I do believe I rambled on long enough. Hopefully next time I won’t be so distracted and remember that I have a WordPress >< Literally the only reason there weren’t any posts for months…